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Best Ever Love SMS Collection 2017

Hello Guys, Today's We are going to share LOVE SMS in Hindi And English. You can send and read there all love sms and impress your girlfriend or boyfriend. Here published top best love sms collection. So, read and share with your friends or gf. love shayari in hindi and whatsapp love status or whatsapp love sms in hindi find below. 
love sms in hindi

Love SMS Messages collection, Best relations

Best relations
don’t need terms conditions n promises,
They need only two wonderful people,
one who can trust n other who can understand.

Love SMS collection, Ever Since YOU Came Into My Life

Ever Since YOU Came Into the My Personal Life,
Now I Am become Different Person.
I Smile More and,
Laugh More ....
And also
Feel So Love.
Because Of ONLY YOU.

Girls Boys SMS collection, Why Girls Are Shorter Than Men?

Do You Know Why Girls always Are Shorter Than Men??
Just To Hear The Men is Heartbeat..!

Love You SMS Message new, Everybody says I Love You

Everybody always says ‘I ‘
Is the best sentence in this world..
But ....
I am believe that ..
‘I Love you too’ is the Best always…
Because Many people gets to hear the first
one But only few people gets to hear the second one…!!

Muhabbat Funny SMS Joke, Muhabbat Ki Taqqat

Aaj kal ki mohabat ki taaqat to dekho..
Band car ko bhi hila deti he..!! ๐Ÿ˜†
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Relationship SMS Message New, Perfect relationship

I do not want the perfect relationship,
because perfection is always impossible.
I want trustworthy, honest, loyal and true love.
I love the imperfections.
I do not want perfect.
I want worth it ...

Romantic SMS Messages 2017, Boyfriend Girlfriend Fight

Last night my BF
and I got into the fight.
I told him only to get what's his & leave.
He picked me up and walked out to the door.
I really love him so much...๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • Love SMS 2017 in hindi, romantic msg 2017

Trust SMS Quotes, Do not trust too much

Do not trust too much,
do not love too much,
do not care too much..
because that ‘too much’ Will hurt you so much.

Buddha SMS, Beautifully answered given by Lord Buddha

Beautifully answered given by Lord Buddha :
Master, What is the difference between ‘like’ and ‘love’?
Buddha’s answer was only simple:
When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you give water it daily..!
One who understand this one, understands LIFE ..

Relationship SMS, Relationship is a GOLD coin Always

Money is only small coin,
Health is our big coin,
Love is a lucky coin ever,
Friendship is a sweet coin, and
Our Relationship is a ‘GOLD’ coin,
Keep it safe always..!!
Good Morning Have a nice day.
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Hurt SMS, It doesn’t matter who hurt you

It does not matter who hurt u,
or broke u down,
what matters is who made you smile again and again.
  • Love SMS in hindi, quotes on smile in hindi 2017, smile quotes hindi 2017, Love SMS 2017

Love SMS 2017, Making love to you in every kiss

I am with you reading this,
Looking at your eyes and your lovely lips,
Touching your lovely lips softly with my fingertips.
Making a love to you in every kiss.

Na Gharz Kisi Sai hai, Na Wasta

Na Gharz Kisi Sai hai,
Na Wasta hai,
Mujhe Kaam Apne Kaam Se hai..
Tere Ziker Sai,
Teri Fikr Sai,
Teri Yaad Sai,
Tere Naam sai..!!!

Koshish to hoti hai ki

Koshish to hamari hoti hai ke
teri har khwaish puri karai…!!
Per dar lagta he ke..
tu khwaish me mjhse kuch judai na mang le…!!

Hum karte he tumse pyar

Hum karte he tumse pyar,
Aaj karte hae pyar ka ikraar.
Jante he tum bhi hamare liye bane ho,
Tumne hamne jitna pyar kiya utna kisi ne kiya na tha,
Jitna tumne khabon mein sataya he,
Utna tang to kisi ne kiya na tha,
Ha kuch majburiyan tumhari,,, he majburiya hamhari,
Bas kehna hai hame aaj itna tumse,
Kabhi kam na hogi dil se yai mohabbat tumhari.

True love is What?..!!

True love is what?..
when a Boy ask the girl for the kiss
and a
Girl simply close her eyes and allow him
for a kiss..
the boy kisses on the forehead and says that:
I have a my whole life to Do that.

Tumhari is lovely aankho ne

Tumhari lovely aankho nai,
Hamko aise attract kiya,
Ke hum sabko neglect karke,
Tume hi select kiya.

Girl: Ye Pyar kya hota he?

Girl (sharmate hue bola): Ye Pyar kya hota hai?
Boy: pyar ka rishta To insano me wohi hota hai jo cement or rait ke darmiyan pani ka hota he
For Exa.
Ladka = Cement hai
Ladki = Rait hai
Love = Pani hai
ab agar cement or rait ko Aapas me mila diya jaye to vo strong nahi honge
lekin agar in me pani mix kar diya jaye to koi bhi juda nahi kar sakta.
Girl (hanste hue boli): lavde tu shakal se hi Mistri lagta hai. ๐Ÿ˜€

Proposing you was my best desire

Proposing you was my desire
having you is my jackpot
loving you is my attitude
pleasing you is my duty
missing you is my habit
kissing you is my wish
together 4-ever my fulfillment.
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